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Our History


History of FallLine

FallLine was founded in 1981 in Huntington Beach, California. Its beginnings reach back to 1978 when our founder left his job at a polyurethane chemical manufacturing company to realize his dream of starting his own business. He had several years of experience in molding polyurethane and filling tires, which precipitated his interest in the molding business.

An avid interest in alpine skiing was the impetus for building a business wrapped around the sport he loved. The first products manufactured were recovered drive sprockets for snow groomers. Using expertise developed early in his career, he was able to extend the life of these sprockets by more than 100%. This gave FallLine an immediate success on which to grow and open new doors.

One new product led to another. Creative product ideas emerged from collaborating with customers who were frustrated with materials that would not stand up to harsh environments. Products used for ski area operations were developed and tested by customers who were excited about the success achieved through the use of polyurethane. In the mid 80's, patents were issued to FallLine for flexible grooming technology and a modular ski storage system.


In 1995 FallLine built a state of the art facility specifically designed to manufacture polyurethane products. The decision was made to expand the business into other markets and industries. FallLine took its urethane technology and applied it to manufacturing products for a wide variety of demanding applications.


Looking forward

Today we are recognized as leaders in manufacturing polyurethane products for the ski, snow removal, construction, and sports recreation markets. We also focus on manufacturing custom molded polyurethane products to meet the specific needs of diverse customers from an array of other industries.

FallLine continues to be a family owned business with a second generation of leadership. All of our manufacturing operations are under one roof, and we operate several production lines that can produce single pours of over 100 lbs. From the initial concept through the time the product leaves the shipping dock, each order is handled with priority. We take pride in our workmanship and realize that our customers hold the key to our future.

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