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Quality & Innovation

Manufacturing custom polyurethane products since 1981

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FallLine is an industry-leading manufacturer of polyurethane products for various industries, including construction, ski, snow removal, and material handling, among others. With a wide range of in-stock parts available for immediate shipment to custom design and manufacturing capabilities, our team is fully equipped to provide solutions that meet your specific needs.


Custom Polyurethane Molding for industrial Applications

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing polyurethane products, FallLine has been able to provide innovative solutions for our customer’s new projects or to help them improve a current product. We offer a wide range of proven polyurethane compounds and the capability to formulate materials to meet a customer’s specific physical requirements. We manufacture custom parts of all shapes and sizes with quick, efficient lead times.


Innovation Leaders, Since 1981

FallLine was established in 1981 and specializes in producing high-quality polyurethane products for industrial applications. Our expertise in designing, manufacturing, and distributing products allows us to provide customized solutions that deliver optimal performance while meeting your specific requirements. We take pride in being at the forefront of innovation and customer service, and are dedicated to meeting your needs at the highest level possible.