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Our Capabilities


Custom Molded Polyurethane Products

We have the ability to design and manufacture products to fit your specific needs. As both manufacturer and distributor, we have the capability to control the costs and quality of our products; this translates into a greater value and a higher degree of service for our customers.

State-of-the-art Facilities

FallLine’s headquarters is a 37,000 square foot facility located in Reno, Nevada, and specializes in manufacturing polyurethane products for a variety of industries. Our facility operates several production lines that can accommodate small and large polyurethane parts to meet your custom needs. Our machine shop utilizes the most current CNC machinery and software to build precision tooling and metal inserts for your molded parts.

We also have industry-specific operations like a full-service print shop, snow hose testing, and automated CNC equipment designed to machine holes and slots in urethane cutting edges. We continually invest in our production equipment to increase product quality and manufacturing efficiency.


Industry Innovation


FallLine manufactures and distributes high-quality ski industry products worldwide and was the first to bring to the ski industry many products, such as:

  • Flexible Grooming Technology
  • Cross-Country Snowcombs
  • Loading Boards
  • Magnetic Tower Signs
  • Poly Stakes
  • Modular Ski and Snowboard Racks
  • Long Life Sprocket Recovery

FallLine has been manufacturing polyurethane products for the snow removal industry for nearly 30 years. We utilize proven polyurethane formulations to manufacture our polyurethane snowplow edges, bucket edges, skid shoes and spinners. Our materials exhibit superior abrasion resistance, a broad temperature range, and outstanding resistance to chemicals, ozone, sunlight and adverse weather conditions.


Downtime and performance are two of the most important factors with any construction equipment. Let our experience work for you. FallLine has been manufacturing Polyurethane Drum Scraper Blades for asphalt and soil compactors for over 30 years, and with this experience we have developed a proven scraper blade material that is formulated for maximum performance and minimum downtime.

Custom Polyurethane Solutions

Check out our Custom Polyurethane Solutions for all your project needs.


Service when you need it

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