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The Clear Choice


It is clear that polyurethane is a viable alternative to conventional materials, as they are not only less expensive to tool and produce, but will generally outperform their plastic, rubber and metal counterparts.

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing polyurethane products, FallLine has been able to provide innovative solutions for our customers' new ideas or to help them improve a current product.


We invite our customers to communicate directly with our engineering staff. Clear, effective dialog can save hours of time and minimize the possibility of errors. This approach allows our engineers to see your operations first hand, allowing us the opportunity to solve your design challenges with innovative applications in polyurethane. We strive to utilize the best materials and tooling technologies to fit your application and performance requirements. Whether you require a few hundred parts or thousands each month, we are the right company for the job, start to finish. Let FallLine be your partner in finding a polyurethane solution to meet your needs.


Service when you need it

Have a question with an order, or looking for something custom?
We pride ourselves on superior, reliable customer service.